A Quest


One Southerner’s search for truth about his Southern Heritage and Hate

The aftermath of the Charleston Massacre has caused me to examine one of the very cornerstones of my life – my Southern heritage as it relates to “War of the Rebellion.” Born on an Easter Sunday (April 9, 1950) a mere eighty-five years to the day the most revered man in the South, General Robert E. Lee, surrendered at Appomattox Court House, I grew up re-fighting “The War of Northern Aggression.” As a child I really did not understand any of the dynamics of our Civil War and, at one time, could not understand “why” North Carolina had invaded South Carolina and “why” much of the fighting had taken place in far away Virginia or “out west.” I thought that it might have been something like the Gillette fight of the week and held in a neutral ring. This…

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